I'm a parent of an autistic adult. My son, Nathaniel, was diagnosed around 3 years of age (he's now in his 30's), but as I look over some family movies (see March 30, 2011 post) I can see that he displayed many of the 10 signs of autism well before then.

His mother and I had only one thing in mind. What do we do?? In the early 80's there was little we could find about autism (no internet - what a lifesaver now!). We had his immediate needs to worry about. Was there a cure? Did he require medication? Childhood education had not yet come to mind. But with time, we needed to find out what resources were available around us.

Planning usually comes late for parents with autistic kids. We (well his mother and I) worried about his immediate needs and not the future. When Nathaniel reached 18, life as an adult posed many questions.

I hope that this can be a place where parents with autistic adults and children can communicate with those of us who have dealt with autistic adults. Yes, there are books and magazine articles about what to expect, and legal advice, but I have yet to find a place where experienced parents can share these experiences, give advice, and help parents of young children cope with the future of their child.

Apr 22, 2011

Our new health care bill

All parents of autistic children and adults should be extremely grateful to the new health care bill. The overhaul has made it possible for parents of autistic kids not to go broke trying to get the best treatments and care for them ("Health care law may help families with autism costs."). Quite different than in the 80's. Of course back then we didn't have treatment plans for our children. What we had was a choice of fighting it out with the city and state as to whether they would provide the education best suited for them, or to pick up part of the cost for institutionalizing them. I could never have imagined that my wife and I would do such a thing to Nathaniel, although we were presented with that choice. Many parents were, It was, in some cases, all that the parents could do. Now, with awareness of autism at a peak, and health care laws that cover autism, things are certainly better.


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